Hi Cindy! You just came to speak to my High School on Monday. I was the girl in back who asked about balancing our school culture with the fact that anxiety is becoming a cultural epidemic. This message is going to be too long, but I have so much to say to you!

I just wanted to thank you for coming and for sharing your story! Within the last 6 years I have both developed and recovered from an eating disorder, and as I'm sure you know anxiety and thought patterns play a big role in that! So I am always impressed by and appreciative of people who can stand in front of a group and say, this is my story. Every year I learn more and more how to do that. One thing that helps me be brave enough to share my story is other people sharing theirs.

I want you to know that at one point during your talk my co-worker leaned over to me and said, "This is the best staff development we've ever had." As you said, kids would never guess how many teachers or adults in their lives also struggle with these things. So thank you for sharing your message with not only us, but with all the people you do. You are changing so many lives. I like listening to Ravi Zacharias, who is a Christian apologist, and once I heard him quote someone else saying, "Let me offer you the experience of my suffering." That's what you do, and it is so, so great.

Also, the breathing tips you offered were excellent! Coincidentally, the weekend before you came to speak I had spent all weekend holed up in my house trying to figure out how to slow down and breathe better. Even though I am fully recovered from my eating disorder for about a year, I am still figuring out the anxiety bit, and have trouble with heart palpitations and stomach issues. Anyway -- it was funny because I just had a feeling all weekend I needed to work on my breathing but didn't know how, and then on Monday -- there you were! I have been practicing breathing from my stomach ever since, as have other co-workers of mine. It has helped! Today even with kids at school I had no heart palpitations. And I have had tons of heart palpitations every day all school year. So. Success!

Anyway, this is just to say thank you and to encourage you to continue to do what you do. So often I think about how our lives are our stories and really all we have to share in order that we may help someone else on their journey. What you do is very cool. Thanks for doing it.

Because of my background I often find myself noticing girls who are also struggling with these things...anxiety and other issues. Often I feel undereducated on how to help another person, so I am going to keep you in mind as a resource for further education for myself. Thank you for offering your resources!

Take care,
~a teacher

Thank you so much for teaching me some very important skills, and always brightening my day!


Thank you so much. That one class with you has helped me so much. I scared my daughter a couple weeks ago when we were in a restaurant. She thought there was something wrong with me when I told a man who was bussing tables how much we liked to watch him work, how efficient and quick he was, and how he was always smiling. She said "Mom, you never talk to people you don't know." I don't particularly like being around a lot of people or large crowds. I just felt he needed to be told how well he was doing his job. So thank you for sharing not only your PowerPoint but your personal stories as well. Keep doing what you are doing.

...two weeks later - Still doing well. Actually amazed my friend with how I am doing!


Cindy - Yowza! You brought great energy and insight into our gathering on Saturday. Thank-you for that! The women were so greatful for your honesty, integrity and humor. I am grateful you were liked too!! I look forward to continued connection. Blessings as you continue to touch the lives God brings to you. May you find the practices that offer you a doorway into the heart of God.


Cindy - Thank you SO much for taking the time to come and present to my classes this school year! We are so lucky to have you as part of our education team. Our students have been impacted by you greatly! Have a great summer!

Health Teacher

Hey Cindy! Thank you so very much for everything in the group. I have felt and thought differently about certain things we've discussed in the group. I really hope this isn't the last time I'm going to see you. I thank you a million worlds full with all your help!


Cindy - You are amazing! Never doubt your abilities as a presenter/speaker - you have what it takes - compassion, humor, authenticity, expertise - the complete package! Thank you for your informative, engaging presentation today at Zimmerman Middle/High School. You're the best. In appreciation,


Cindy - Thank you so much for speaking to our parents here at RMS. You did an outstanding job sharing your presentation. It hit home with parents. I am so glad you are sharing your gift with others.

~Jason Paurus

Mrs. Lovelette, You have helped us all so much this year! We just want to thank you by giving you this gift. We hope you like it. Butterflies are a symbol of hope, and we give you hope, just like you have given us. WE LOVE YOU!

Mrs. Lovelette


Cindy Lovelette is a pleasure to work with! She was recommended to me by a colleague whose staff had experienced the wonderful training she provides. Cindy knows her stuff, is dependable and follows through. I am sure she will help you and your staff feel more empowered when encountering challenging situations. I recommend you contact her today to learn more!

~Deb Henton, Ed.D
North Branch Area Public Schools

Cindy not only brought anxiety information and coping skills to students, she brought real life experiences. Her experiences helped students understand that they are not alone and helped them to validate their feelings. She helped students gain skills in overcoming their anxiety. I was fortunate to be a part of her group and really enjoyed watching the students gain trust, knowledge, and skills. There was a huge difference in the things these students were saying and feeling from beginning to end. By the end of Cindy’s group these students were able to acknowledge their barriers and fears and could explain what coping skill they used to overcome the situation. They were able to speak positively about themselves and compliment their group peers. Cindy listened to each student and would check in with each group member to see how their week went. Cindy’s skills cannot be taught, she truly has a gift. Her words and life experiences are encouraging to both students and adults. I learned a lot from Cindy that I will take with me wherever I go.

~Brittany Fogolin, LSW
Youth Advocate
Rivers of Hope

I am glad the College of St Scholastica was able to bring you to campus. I had one of my students review all of the surveys and every single student said they learned something from the event and they want to have more programs like this one on campus.

The students that attended the session said that they learned: to slow down and take time for themselves, how to breath, how to look at life in a more positive way, hope to cope with stress and to deal with worries you can control and don't worry about the rest.

Thank you again for your presentation on our campus, the presentation help set the stage for a deeper conversation about stress, anxiety and how to cope with stress.

~Julie Zaruba Fountaine
Wellness Coordinator
The College of St. Scholastica

Cindy is a very inspirational speaker who shares from the heart. She has a powerful, personal story to tell. She was able to share practical coping tips and breathing exercises that we can use daily in working with our students.

~ Jane Riesberg, RN, LSN
Coordinator of Health Services
Elk River School District #728


A huge thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with our staff during our workshop week sessions. The feedback has been so positive - everyone is singing your praises. Cindy, you truly have a gift - of connection, of compassion, of authenticity! Looking forward to working with you this year!

~ Judy Johnson
Prevention Specialist
Elk River School District #728


Cindy is passionate about helping students! She is willing to share her own story and relay simple yet effective ways for students to reduce stress in their lives.

~ Rana Nestrud
Art Educator

I wanted to let you know how wonderful it is that you are meeting and supporting our students who experience anxiety. I have heard very positive comments from both the male and female groups that you facilitate. They believe that you are able to relate to their own experiences and have already presented beneficial coping skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. Thank you very much.

~ Chris Zimmerman, LSW
School Social Worker

I have had the privilege to be a part of Cindy Lovelette's anxiety group in our school. I knew Cindy a little bit before this because she would substitute in our office. I have always liked her and have enjoyed her positive personality. When Cindy talks - you listen, you want to listen! She is so interesting and so passionate about what she says. She is funny too. Anxiety affects a huge part of our student population and Cindy can relate to every junior or senior in our group with understanding, relating to maybe something she has gone through, and always with humor. Her inter-relationship skills are superb! Students like her. We all like her. Cindy cares!

~ Georjean Fischer-Fabel
Guidance Counselor

Cindy approached us last Fall about offering some classes on Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. We had been interested in offering classes like this for some time, so her timing was great. We offered a two-part session Free to the public and had a huge turnout. That told us that we were really onto something. We then offered a 15 week class and had a dozen people sign up. After the first week, participants were reporting that this class had already been "life-changing" and that they "wished they had heard this information 20 or 30 years ago". We have been very pleased with the way this class has been working out. Cindy has been great to work with, and has a lot of wonderful ideas on how we can help even more people. As a matter of fact, we already have several future class offerings planned.

~ Jay Grammond
Program Coordinator
Elk River Area Schools Community Education

I have worked with Cindy over the past 15 years; she has provided services for our students and staff in the area of anxiety and stress. Cindy brings firsthand knowledge and skills when providing services and speaking engagements. Cindy's work ethic, organization skills and personality will ensure her success while working with your student or group. As an administrator, without hesitation I can give her my highest recommendation.

~ Kenneth Jordan
Assistant Principal, 12th Grade & 11th Grade A-L
Elk River High School


This course is a blessing. If you suffer from anxiety and depression, the overwhelming feeling is that you are different and alone. I learned this is affecting many lives. All walks of life, all ages. I am not alone. I have learned ways to cope. The feelings may always be there but now I know I can move through them.

~ Pat


First I want to thank you Cindy for starting this group! You are pretty much an angel in my eyes! I remember seeing the ad in the paper and I felt like my prayers have been answered! You have helped me face a lot of my fears, and most important you have made me feel not alone! I have been forever touched by everyone's stories, and something I take with me as this group comes to an end, we are fighters! Plain and simple!

~ Nicole


This class is life changing. Cindy is great!!!

~ Anonymous


This class has helped me put an end to anxiety! It has helped me feel not alone. Hearing how other people have struggled has helped me face my fears.

~ Anonymous


This class has been such a great benefit to me, an answer to my prayers. It has helped me more than I can say. I knew I needed to do something but didn't know what. Then I saw the class in the booklet and just knew I had to do it. I think the class was made just for me.

~ Anonymous


I would highly recommend this class to others. My stress and anxiety has become much more manageable since being in this group. It is still there and creeps up on me from time to time but I now recognize what triggers it and how to use coping mechanisms to diminish the intensity.

~ Anonymous


The biggest thing I got out of the class is knowing how to head off the anxiety/panic attacks. I really liked that the approach was "real" life and I didn't feel stupid anymore!

~ Anonymous

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